Palazzo Capponi, the beautiful building in the middle of Florence that houses our OLIO & CONVIVIUM RESTAURANT, was acquired in 1500 by the wealthy Capponi family, one of the most prestigious of the Florentine Renaissance aristocracy. The young scion Ludovico Capponi bought it to impress his beloved Maddalena Vettori. 
In 1800 Palazzo Capponi was extended to the structure you can see today and it’s now propriety of the famous Ferragamo family.


The elegant and welcoming interiors of our restaurant Olio Restaurant have been designed by the famous architect Riccardo Barthel.

The characteristic atmosphere of the reception introduces you to two different spaces: on the right, your gaze will be seduced by the display of our fine gourmet products, while on the left a small dining room will let you watch our chefs cooking through a modern windowed-door. 

From our gastronomy department, you then will enter the Enoteca Room, where you’ll enjoy our delicacies and taste wines from our selection, disposed all around you.

The last room, which leads to the Enoteca Room, is the Oil Room, entirely dedicated to the exhibition and tasting of this incredible ingredient of Italian cuisine.

Our Philosophy

The staff of Olio Restaurant is highly qualified, as it has thirty-years experience in the catering sector. Our hall director, Carlo Lazzarini, speaks fluently in four different languages and will accompany you in a unique culinary experience, rendered with an exceptional welcome.

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