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Paolo Provvedi

With his presence he will give you that touch of hospitality that will make you feel at home. If requested, he will be able to tell you many hidden stories of the Florentine background.


Carlo Lazzerini

He speaks four languages fluently and will accompany you on a unique culinary experience, with an exceptional welcome.

chef entremetier

Lal Chand

Born in India but now a naturalized Italian, he has been working with us for more than 14 years. Thanks to his origins, he manages to find the perfect partnership with the strong taste of Tuscan cuisine.

chef rotisseur

Andrea Mazzei

Of Apulian origins, you have been able to assimilate and interpret the elegance of the Tuscan and Florentine cuisine that are the masters of Olio Restaurant in a short time.

room manager

Serena Bosi

With her kindness and experience, she is the right person to guide you towards an unforgettable evening.

In the center of Florence

the restaurant

The elegant and welcoming interior of our restaurant was designed by the famous architect Riccardo Barthel.

The characteristic atmosphere of the reception introduces two environments: on the left your gaze will be seduced by the Gastronomy Room with the display of our culinary products chosen for exceptional quality, while on the right the intimate Kitchen Room that will allow you to witness the secrets of our kitchen through a modern glass door.

From our gastronomy department you then enter the Enoteca Room, where you can taste our delicacies and our best wines, arranged in a suggestive review that covers three walls of the room. The last room, which is accessed through the Enoteca Room, is the Oil Room, entirely dedicated to the display and tasting of this incredible ingredient of Italian cuisine.

Tuscan Excelsia

At Olio Restaurant you can also request and book exceptional catering at your home or in a splendid location, making use of the close bond that unites the two companies managed by the same property.

We enhance the oil by mixing the culinary art with the Tuscan culture in a journey that becomes a sensory experience.

Andrea Mazzei


We make Tuscan cuisine with innovative notes and maximum respect to enhance its legacy in a creative way.

Lal Chand


We like to present and appreciate the high quality of simple products elaborated with skilful craftsmanship.

Carlo Lazzerini


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